“While tax law changes should affect everyone, low-income individuals do not have access to proper channels to have their tax questions answered and returns prepared. This is why CTA exists.” – Jeffrey Gold, CTA Founder

“As a long-time licensed CPA, volunteering with CTA allows me to give back to needy people in a meaningful way, and volunteering with CTA also qualifies for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credit. I encourage all CPAs to donate their time and skills to CTA. It is a wonderful, driven organization truly determined to help others.” – CTA Volunteer

“Participating as a volunteer at CTA is one of the best decisions I have ever made. It helped me to boost my communication skills and confidence level. I had no idea how to conduct an interview or prepare a tax return; after participating at CTA as a volunteer I can now confidently prepare tax returns. The best thing is someone is always there if you get stuck in the middle of the work. They’ll teach you every single detail that you should know to prepare a tax return. It was worth working with CTA and I was glad to help low-income taxpayers. Thank you, CTA.” – Jafrin Ena, CTA Volunteer

“CTA provided me with the knowledge and the platform to actually practice what I have learned in school. I will never forget the experience and the guidance given to me while I was filing my first tax return. It was a great honor and a privilege to help CTA and I hope to help again if I am fortunate to do so.” – Nonso Orogbu, CTA Volunteer

“I joined CTA on the advice of a fellow CPA to meet Continuing Professional Education (CPE) requirements, but I discovered that helping my community was very rewarding on its own.” – CTA Volunteer

“You can see, after preparing a return and seeing that the client will be getting a refund, that I will be changing people’s lives, even if it is for a short period of time.” – Carol Victor, CTA Volunteer

“The managers and experienced volunteers at CTA are so hardworking and enthusiastic about what they do.  It was an honor to be able to learn from them. When crunch time begins, the veterans can get really overworked, so being able to help lessen the stress made me feel extremely fulfilled! I loved being part of CTA as a volunteer, and I am looking forward to working with them again!” – CTA Volunteer

“I'm so thankful for Community Tax Aid. As a volunteer for three seasons, it has been a joy and a delight to work alongside fellow CTA volunteers, as well as interviewing taxpayers, some I know and some that I met for the first time. Having the option of working in person at a CTA storefront or working from home is awesome because these options opened the door for more CTA volunteers to work and they gave taxpayers choices as to how they want to be interviewed. Being a CTA volunteer gave me a new skill-set that is applicable to other parts of my life. Lastly, I'm grateful for the mentorship that I have been receiving during the past three seasons. I'm looking forward to upcoming volunteer opportunities.” – Phillip Williams-Cooke, CTA Volunteer

“I completely enjoyed my time volunteering at CTA. Helping the clients CTA serves is very rewarding. The caliber of training and volunteers is great, and the service they provide is comprehensive.” – CTA Volunteer 

CTA provides terrific tax services to multiple communities. The managers are extremely knowledgeable and all tax returns are reviewed by CPAs and long-time CTA managers. As a volunteer, I felt I was assisting my community and learning. Win-win for all involved! God bless CTA! – Patrick McMahon, CTA Volunteer

“I really loved volunteering with CTA; the CTA staff are so passionate about their work and it is incredibly rewarding to be able to give back to the city.” – Serena Ding, CTA Volunteer

“CTA takes its responsibilities very seriously, and volunteers can see first-hand how hard their managers work to further the organization’s objectives.” – CTA Volunteer

"Not only does CTA provide a great opportunity to serve your community with their tax prep services, but the hands-on tax training also boosts your resume and career. As a volunteer, you are always supported by the managers and seasoned volunteers. As for the clients, CTA makes it an ‘easy-breezy experience’ for them.” – Luz Blanco, CTA Volunteer

“I started volunteering with CTA when I was a full-time student in New York City. Volunteering with CTA definitely made my resume better and helped me get my first job in the accounting field. I am proud to say I have now been with CTA for several seasons.” – CTA Volunteer 

“Even though I was really busy with school, it was easy to find time to volunteer. CTA makes it easy to learn and contribute, and I enjoyed learning a lot.” – CTA Volunteer 

“I earned a lot of satisfaction preparing tax returns for low-income New Yorkers. It’s very fulfilling to give back to my community, and the clients that I helped were always so appreciative of the work I did for them. Many clients are dependent on the refunds CTA is able to get for them.” – CTA Volunteer

“As a first-year volunteer, I learned so much about taxes. My questions and concerns were always answered in a timely manner. I watched client interviews and the patience shown toward taxpayers by managers and volunteers is amazing. I hope other clients file their taxes with CTA, as they apply all their efforts to help their clients with their yearly returns.” – Lili Chang, CTA Volunteer

“It’s just very fulfilling to give back when everyone is so kind and appreciative of your efforts.” – CTA Volunteer

“Helping the less fortunate members of our community is a privilege, and CTA makes that possible in a wonderful way.” – CTA Volunteer

“As a long-time CTA volunteer, each tax season I am rewarded with helping so many people who are so thankful for the work that CTA does for them. A few hundred dollars refund means the world to some people, and I am just glad that I am able to help them in some small way.” – CTA Volunteer

“I was always unsure of myself when talking about finance. But after a few seasons with CTA, that changed. CTA helped me achieve the confidence I needed to speak to others about taxation and finance, and has reduced my self-doubt when discussing these issues.” – Mussaddeqe Chowdhury, CTA Volunteer

“I’ve learned a lot through my work at CTA. I’ve learned how to thoroughly prepare a tax return from start to finish and how to work with a wide range of clients. Helping the community is a great feeling.” – CTA Volunteer 

“I love doing this. A lot of people can’t afford to pay accounting fees. I just find this personally very satisfying.” – CTA Volunteer

“I feel that CTA is an entity that values its patronage by remembering who has the real needs. Helping those in need is more than just a job, it is a blessing to be able to help.” - Leaghton Ozoria, CTA Volunteer

“I have been working with CTA for several seasons as a volunteer. I’ve met a lot of great people - both volunteers and clients - through my work. I’ve learned a lot about CTA’s clients and have sharpened my listening and problem-solving skills, which has made me more effective at my job.” – CTA Volunteer

“The senior volunteers at CTA are extremely patient when teaching new volunteers. I didn’t know anything about doing taxes when I started, and I was nervous about that. But I learned so much and by the time I left CTA, I felt confident and proud of what I had accomplished. I would definitely recommend CTA to anyone who wants to learn about taxes.” – CTA Volunteer

“Most of the clients I helped at CTA were repeat clients. They know and trust that CTA will do a great job for them and treat them with patience and respect. I intend to volunteer with CTA again.” – CTA Volunteer 

Thank you for supporting
Community Tax Aid